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This is it. After months of campaigning, the 2012 elections will be decided tomorrow. The largest mobilization effort in HRC history is almost complete.
Thousands of HRC volunteers have participated in campaigns this year. And thanks to the generous support of HRC members across the country, we've contributed more than $1 million to elect pro-equality candidates and more than $5 million to win marriage-related votes in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington.
Now it all comes down to you.
Your vote matters. Will we continue to see giant leaps forward for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, or will we see renewed attacks on the ability of LGBT people to marry the person they love, start and protect families, and achieve equal protections under the law? Please cast your ballot to support pro-equality candidates and find time today to have personal conversations with your family, friends, and neighbors about how the results of this election will impact you.
To find your polling location, text VOTE12 to 30644.
HRC–Endorsed Candidates
No matter where you live, pro-equality candidates need your vote.
For President/Vice President:
Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D)
HRC Election Center
Find the information you need and stay up to date on Election Day with HRC's Election Center on the web or on Facebook.
More than 70 HRC staffers are working on elections around the country, with some on the campaign trail in key states for nearly a year. The Election Center features up-to-the-minute blog posts from these dedicated staffers, as well as information about pro-equality candidates and the marriage-related ballot measures.
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If there are any changes that need to be made or information to add, please update your information online.
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