lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

Stop Violence Against LGBT People in South Africa

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According to a new report by Human Rights Watch, violence against LGBT people in South Africa has hit a new high. Worse, it is often completely ignored by police.

Tell South Africa that its LGBT citizens deserve equality and respect. »

The report includes the case of one South African lesbian who was repeatedly raped by a family member, her soccer coach, and her pastor, all in an attempt to "convert" her and show her how to be a "real" woman.

Her case is just one of many instances of anti-LGBT brutality, including a series of slayings of lesbian women in South African townships.

South Africa's constitution promises equality for all of its citizens, but that promise isn't being kept for LGBT people.
Tell South Africa that the violence against LGBT people must end now. »
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Stop Violence Against LGBT People in South Africa
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